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Why go to a Womenclimb Meetup?

Why go to a Womenclimb Meetup?

Ever wanted to climb, but none of your friends are available? Ever felt daunted by a particular route, unsure how to go about it?

Join one of our monthly Indoor Meetups, all across the UK!

Each meetup is led by a wonderful Womenclimb Ambassador:

‘I became an ambassador for Womenclimb because I love sharing the joy and my passion for climbing. I hope to inspire and be inspired by other women in an inclusive and relaxed environment’, says Anna.

Kat follows:

‘Being a Womenclimb Ambassador is a great way to share my passion for climbing. I believe climbing is for everyone, and everyone can make it what they want it to be – fun, challenging, relaxing or something completely different.’ Our Local Ambassadors are dedicated to help you have a fun experience, and make sure you feel welcome.

Gemma Smith Photography

Would you appreciate someone to show you the ropes?

Joining a climbing gym can feel a bit intimidating. Our Meetups help female climbers bridge the gap – you can be sure that there will be someone to meet & greet you, to help you get to know the gym, and the processes involved.

You will also meet like-minded people and have fun together. We know that climbing together is a strong motivator, so you can also expect your performance to start improving!

Looking for community?

If you are looking for a climbing partner, our meetups will enable you to get to know an inclusive climbing community. We also organise outdoor meetups, and training sessions on relevant topics, such as Climbing Confidence. Once you try this out, and decide this is for you, you can become part of Womenclimb through our Membership, launching May 1st!

London meetup

Need some beta?

Have you been sizing up that purple route for 3 weeks now, getting halfway through, but falling from the same spot each time? Another reason to join our meetups! Whether it is encouragement, confidence, or a piece of advice on the beta, you can find it in our supportive community.

So whether you are a beginner wanting to see what climbing is all about, or a more experienced climber looking to improve your technique and meet new partners to climb with, our meetups are the place for you.

Our Meetups network is continually expanding giving you even more value for your membership. The most up to date information and signup is available on our Facebook page

If you’re not sure what a meetup might be like, here’s some more information: Womenclimb Indoor Meetups

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