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Why so quiet at Womenclimb??

Why so quiet at Womenclimb??

Emma Bouldering1So, things have been quiet at Womenclimb.  But why?

The site started, with no content, in June 2013.  We had an inkling that women would like our site and our ideas, but we didn’t realise quite how much!!  It seems that you really love it – we’ve had nearly 7000 visitors to the site in only 9 months.

So why have we stopped?  Since we began, many of you have contacted us with your ideas and companies have approached us to work together.  We needed some time to take stock, organise ourselves and make the site even better as we approach our 1year anniversary.

Up to now Womenclimb has been self-funded.  What that means is that everyone works on the site for free and any costs involved, for example web hosting, comes out of our pockets.  But what does this have to do with things going quiet???  Ultimately we would like Womenclimb to be able to pay everyone involved in the website a fair wage for the time we spend on it.  Most blog posts take around 6 hours to write, edit, format, upload, source legal images and schedule.   With over 100 blog posts so far, that’s the equivalent of four months of full-time work, just on writing the blog posts.  There’s much more involved in running a website; this is only the start.  So, to help pay for the blog, we will be working with all sorts of companies to look at sponsorship and advertising in the future – to do this the blog needs to look at its best….

Ann at the Roaches1And we also need to climb…!  We’re running a climbing website.  We don’t claim to all be expert climbers, but we feel that’s important for you to get first hand information from us.  We are constantly testing out products and trying out new ideas, to give you the best information we can find.  For example, we’re currently writing an article on using two ropes (the whys, hows and whens).  To do this, we have to gather a lot of information and ask a lot of people about their opinions, as well as trying out different scenarios ourselves.  You deserve the best information, so we don’t want to cut corners; we need time to climb to do this.

While we’re on that point….

What else do you want on this blog?  What gear do you want reviewed? What information do you want to see?  Now is the perfect time to let us know and while we may not be able to do it straight away, we can definitely do our best to schedule your ideas over the coming year.

We’ve got lots planned including a Prize Draw for some groovy things including a Ruby Cup, A Marmot, Climb on hand balm, Friendly Foot powder and lots more, so keep your eyes peeled.

Womenclimb Prizes

In the meantime, women, Keep Rocking!


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