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Winter Fun

Winter Fun

Having fun in winter can sometimes seem intimidating, especially if you’re inexperienced. We decided to run a small scale Winter Fest for women this year to encourage our members and the community to get together and enjoy climbing and walking in the hills in the winter.

A few years ago we did some research and we found the following things that women experience more than men:

      • Being unable to find enough female climbing partners
      • Wanting to build skills but not knowing how
      • Lacking in confidence around climbing skills and experience

The Womenclimb Women’s Winter Fest is our way of starting to bridge the gap and help women build connections in a friendly, trusting, safe environment.

If you join us, you’ll meet a selection of the best instructors in the industry, who we know and trust, delivering the highest quality instructed sessions at all different levels. We’ve partnered up with Sam Leary, Cath Wilson, Becky Coles, Gemma Hendry and Charlie Chambers and we are super excited about spending time with you and them, building connections, skills and confidence.

You don’t have to pay for instruction – you can come along on your own without instruction and find other people who are climbing and walking at your level.

I hope that you will step out of your comfort zone and join us to do something new at the Women’s Winter Fest 2020. You can find more information about what’s happening and book your tickets here:

Join the Women's Winter Fest 2020

I look forward to seeing you in Aviemore.

Emily Pitts

Womenclimb Founder & CEO

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