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Women Leading the Way

Women Leading the Way

Rockbusters run female-led and women-only climbing camps in Spain.  Erin Lingle talks to us about what you’ll get from this type of women-only climbing environment. 

There’s no denying that climbing experiences can be affected by gender. I’m often frustrated by the fact that men “naturally” have more muscles, and I have also yet to find another girl climber that hasn’t been sprayed with a firehose of unsolicited beta, or experienced a moment where they weren’t taken seriously as an athlete and participant in the sport. This is part of the reason why I climb and work with Rockbusters – a guiding company based in Spain that not only understands the importance of having a female guide on their co-ed trips, but also offers a series of female-led climbing camps aimed at cultivating an environment that focuses on the strengths of female climbers.

Rock Busters Women only rock climbing Womenclimb

Girls on Rock – do we need this??

Rockbusters’ goal is to provide a comfortable, safe, and supportive environment where climbers can learn from some of the top athletes in the world. It’s not about the grades, women can and do climb as hard as men – but with different body types and strengths, some female climbers can require different instruction and beta. The Rockbusters “Girls on Rock” camps concentrate on women further discovering what their bodies are capable of and how far they can push them, and also emphasise the importance of precise footwork, increased flexibility, and good mind control for developing into a stronger climber.

Rockbusters Women Climb Women Climbing

Relationship Building – so important

Eliminating the sexism and gender differences isn’t, for me, the only special part about the Rockbusters camps – they also offer the opportunity to build relationships, connect, and climb with other awesome women rockstars that love every minute they spend on the rock. My girl crew has expanded greatly since participating in these trips, and I’m stoked to know so many amazing women to climb with across the globe. Can’t wait to see you at the crag this summer ?.


Courses from Rockbusters:

Hazel Findlay – Mental Coaching:  March 2017

Daila Ojeda Coaching: Rodellar: April 2017

Girls Climbing Camp: Siurana: November 2017

Hazel Findlay Climbing course Psychological climbing

As always, integrity is important to us, at Womenclimb.  We haven’t received payment of any type for this blog post.  We felt it was a really good thing to share with you, our wonderful community, to raise awareness of a company that is offering specific and targeted climbing opportunities for women.  Enjoy.  And tell us how you get on.

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