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Womenclimb Adventure Sports Quiz

Womenclimb Adventure Sports Quiz

So, as part of our Get Outdoors month, we’re promoting all things outdoors.  Play our fun quiz – test your knowledge of Adventure and Extreme sports.  Maybe you’ll find something new to have a go at.  Whatever you do, let us know about it.

What you’ll need: A pen and paper or your phone/ tablet/ computer ready for you to type

The Womenclimb Adventure Sports Quiz

Womenclimb Adventure Quiz

We have a list of 52 adventure sports. In 60 seconds, your challenge is to guess as many of these adventure sports as you can.

The Rules

Have fun and stick to the time.  We know you’re an honest bunch, so we trust that you’re not going to get mega competitive and lie to outdo each other!


Some adventure sports are more unusual than others, so you will get a higher score for those than ones which are common or well known.  At the end you can add up your points and compare your results – how close can you get to the maximum score?

Ready, set, GO.  Good luck.


Time to score.  Join up to the community.

Go to the Adventure Sports Scorecard to work out your scores.

Whoop.  How did you do?

What did you score?  Share it with us below! Comment now.  

You know we love you, right?  We love you too, and we want you back.  In fact, we want you to be part of our global climbing family.  Will you join us, for free, and we’ll promise to let you know about exciting things to keep you fit?  Oh go on then…… 

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