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Womenclimb Coronavirus Response

Womenclimb Coronavirus Response

This may be a challenging time for many people in the UK, where Womenclimb is based, and around the world. At times of volatility, uncertainty and stress, supporting those around us is important, and there are a range of ways that we as climbers, hillwalkers and mountaineers might support each other, for example by providing supplies to those who are self-isolating, by checking in with older friends, members, colleagues and acquaintances, and by showing compassion to those around us.

Responding proportionately is key, whilst recognising that individuals respond differently and may need and want different levels of support and reassurance. Whilst some of us, as individuals, may feel that we are strong, healthy and not at risk, there are others around us for whom this virus could have dramatic and life-threatening impact. At the end of this communication is a link to organisations offering wellbeing support, if you are affected or know someone who is.

Womenclimb Meetups

We are committed to supporting our community and wider communities and will take all advised precautions and measures as outlined by the government, to support people who are considering attending our meetups in the coming months. We will post updates on this page when government advice changes.

Status as of 16th March 2020:

Since our previous update on 14th March, the government has updated advice, asking people to work from home, reduce travel plans and to reduce social contact.

As a result of this advice, we are postponing our forthcoming meet ups at Stanage and Rivelin, on Saturday 21st March and Sunday 22nd March. Our events in association with the BMC at Sheffield Adventure Film Festival are no longer going ahead. We will review future meetups, and reschedule these meetups as further advice is issued in the coming days and weeks. Information and updates will be posted on this thread. Attendees will be notified individually.

We send our thoughts to those affected both by the virus itself and to those whose lives are upset and disrupted by this situation. It is a challenging time, and we urge you to support each other, to reach out when you need it and to continue to show love and compassion to those around you.

Status as of 14th March 2020:

At present, the Government has not implemented a quarantine status in the UK. As such, Womenclimb meetups will continue to take place, and individuals will be allowed to make their own judgments on the risks to them and others around them.

If you intend to attend a meetup, you must consider the following:

1. If you are unwell, please stay at home and follow government guidance

2. If you are concerned about catching the virus or carrying the virus to someone vulnerable, please consider whether you wish to attend meetups and stay home if you feel the risk is not manageable

3. Stay updated on current advice; this is changing on a daily basis

4. You attend meetups at your own risk and are responsible for making the final decision about attending meetups. Womenclimb is not able to guarantee that attendees will be virus-free, and you should factor this into your decision-making.

At meets, please consider the following:

1. If you become unwell, even on the way to a meetup, please go home and stay home.

2. Be prepared to change your plans to follow government advice, even if that means missing out on something you have been looking forward to

3. If you are a higher risk individual (over 60, severe underlying chronic medical conditions) consider the risks and make an informed choice by using up-to-date advice.

4. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands

5. Bring extra water and soap or hand sanitiser to maintain cleanliness

6. Maintain social distancing, whilst still performing crucial safety checks

7. If you become ill during a meet, please make yourself safe, stay clear from other attendees by at least two metres, and leave the meet as soon as is safely possible, ensuring that the meet leader has been informed

8. If you attend a meetup and subsequently become ill with symptoms of the Coronavirus, please inform Womenclimb immediately, so that other attendees can be informed: hello@womenclimb.co.uk

We are treating this situation seriously, however we recognise the need for proportionate responses that are backed by government advice, to minimise panic and to offer Womenclimb members opportunities to continue outdoor activities where risks can be minimised.

If you have concerns or would like to discuss anything within this communication, you may contact me: hello@womenclimb.co.uk

Emily Pitts

Womenclimb Founder & CEO

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