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Womenclimb COVID-19 Commitment

We are committed to being socially responsible and ensuring that our impact on each other, on communities and on society is minimised. To reflect this, we have created a Womenclimb COVID-19 Commitment that shows what we will do and what we expect our partners, members and supporters to do when they are at our meets, events and training.

We ask attendees at our events and meetups to: 

Comply with social distancing rules/guidelines

Follow government guidelines 

Follow BMC guidelines

Follow Womenclimb measures

Stay away from meetups if symptomatic

Go home immediately if you develop symptoms

Notify Womenclimb if you become symptomatic within 14 days of an event or meetup

Stop activities if the risk increases in some way

Wash hands/sanitise before attending

Bring soap and water or sanitiser to wash hands during meetups

Follow government precautions if at higher risk from COVID-19 

Keep track of people you walk/climb with (to inform if symptomatic)

Wear freshly washed clothes to the meetup

Not bring shared food to meetups

Bring all necessary equipment for the activity (e.g rope, maps) 

Follow manufacturer equipment disinfection/quarantine guidelines

Bring extra clothing to account for changing conditions

Bring a headtorch

Bring adequate water and food

Bring personal First Aid kit

Consider wearing a mask/buff barrier

Climb and walk within personal limits

Check weather in advance of walking and climbing

Make sensible route choice decisions taking into account conditions

Consider the implications of imprudent decision-making

Communicate concerns immediately with others at the meetup

Ensure that anyone opening a gate closes it, and then sanitises

Undertake buddy checks, socially distanced (incl. tug checks)

Transport yourself to the location, preferably using independent means

Take extra care to stay within comfort zones

First aid in the case of an emergency

Acknowledge that it will not be possible to keep to social distancing guidelines during a first aid situation

Be prepared to move venue/walk location or stop climbing/walk altogether, if social distancing becomes difficult at that location. 

Follow the Countryside Code

Take all litter away with you

Pee and Poop responsibly

Check the RAD prior to climbing or walking

Follow good crag etiquette re music and noise

Leave a venue if a landowner or local people become agitated

Report to the BMC if a landowner or local people become agitated

We (our leaders and instructors) will do all of the above, plus: 

Plan meetups in smaller groups at different venues

Groups to operate in fixed teams as per government guidelines

Choose venues appropriate to the mix and abilities of the group

Wear freshly washed clothes to the meetup

Avoid equipment sharing by providing individual kit, where required

Give a 72 hour quarantine to kit or follow manufacturer’s instructions for disinfection

Bring a change of clothes in the car to change if involved in a rescue/ first aid incident

Choose venues with lots of space, lots of routes of different grades. 

Acknowledge that it will not be possible to keep to social distancing guidelines during a first aid situation

Carry PPE in case of emergency

Choose venues for climbing and walking which are less popular and not ‘honeypots’. 

Choose areas at popular venues which are less popular. For example at Stanage, use the High Neb area, rather than Popular End.

Plan meets on less popular days if possible – i.e midweek, rather than weekends.

Be prepared to move venues if a venue becomes too busy or if people are failing to social distance. 

Check the RAD in advance of organising meetups to ensure access is allowed

Change venue if access problems develop in any particular climbing or walking location.

If you would like to ask us any questions, you can contact us on: hello@womenclimb.co.uk