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Womenclimb Indoor Meetups

Join our exclusive Womenclimb Indoor Meetups around the UK. Hosted by our Local Ambassador volunteers, the meetups give you the opportunity to meet friendly female climbers, find new people to climb with and hone your skills, so that you can enjoy climbing even more while improving.

I want to come to a meetup, what do I do?

First, Become a Womenclimb Supporter

Then, make sure you can tie in and belay

Once you’ve got these two things ticked off, you can come along to the meetup, sign yourself into the climbing centre and you’re ready to climb with us. You will need to pay your usual climbing wall entry fee, but the meetups are free. If you want to find some friendly faces before you turn up, check out our Facebook page event and get in touch with your Local Ambassador.

Not sure how to tie in and belay? You can learn to climb at one of our Getting Started Climbing courses or at your local climbing wall.

What does the Local Ambassador do?

These incredible women are there to support you in your climbing journey, help you get to know people and introduce you to potential climbing buddies. They are ordinary climbers who want to help other climbers connect and enjoy climbing. They will be there at the start of the session to welcome you, sign you in and help you find out everything you need to know about the group and the centre. They are there to celebrate your successes and to help you out if you have a bit of a wobble.

Indoor Meetup Locations


London – the Castle

Manchester Climbing Centre

Inverness – Leisure Centre

Sheffield – The Foundry

Nottingham Climbing Centre

Preston – Westview

North Wales – TBC

Become a Womenclimb Supporter