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Womenclimb’s Core Values

Womenclimb’s Core Values

As you make the decision to join Womenclimb as a member, I felt it was important to share with you our values. These have been created by volunteers at Womenclimb over a number of years, bringing together our ideas about what is important to us, how we value each other as humans and how we will strive to be.

I encourage you to join us, to become part of this beautiful community of climbers.

Our Core values

We will celebrate all women & challenge all stereotypes
We aim to fairly represent views across the climbing community
We value women’s work, contributions, and actions 
We will be transparent about what we do and act with integrity  
We have the freedom to get things wrong and learn from this
We will operate in the most sustainable and ethical way we can
We will collaborate with, share and support other women’s organisations 
We will promote a supportive environment, which allows women to make and take responsibility for their choices.

Emily Pitts

Founder & CEO, Womenclimb

If you connect with these, join us by becoming a member.

You are joining a community of thousands of followers, supporters and members with a passion for climbing and connecting with others.

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