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Women’s Climbing Symposium 2013 // Common Injuries Talk

Women’s Climbing Symposium 2013 // Common Injuries Talk

Beth and Pinnacle Club member at Women's Climbing Symposium1

Beth with Pinnacle Club member at the Women’s Climbing Symposium

Did you know it takes the average woman 6 weeks to build muscle?

The Common Injuries talk by Anne Rigge, a Physiotherapist, tied in well with previous Yoga session and taught us all sorts of facts – like the fact that it takes women 6 weeks to build muscle, 6 weeks! No wonder I’ve been frustrated when coming back from injury.  For men, it’s a much shorter time, so if you have a male climbing partner you’ll just have to suck it up and wait until your fitness matches your technique and then glide past them on the routes!

So what else did Anna teach us?

Stretching is important – our pecs in particular can get tight from climbing and sitting at a desk, creating that attractive hunched look, which not only affects our ability to climb, but also creates pain.

Anna’s Mantra no. 1…. “Train slowly, Massage and Stretch”.

Anna’s Mantra no.2…“Boobs out, Bum in” (or BOBI as we like to tell ourselves).

Give it a try, tell us how it goes.

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