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Women’s Climbing Symposium is back!!

Women’s Climbing Symposium is back!!

If you’ve never been to WCS this is the year!  Put 17th October 2015 in your diary and book your WCS tickets now, before they all sell out.  This year sees an absolutely stellar line-up at the Women’s Climbing Symposium, which takes place at the Climbing Works in Sheffield on Saturday 17th October.  We have no vested interest in promoting the event, other than it looks like the best collection of female climbers, together, in the same place, in the world, EVER!  And they will be coaching, inspiring, entertaining and supporting you to climb more, to climb better and to dream higher.  You can get your tickets on the Women’s Climbing Symposium website.  If you’re still not convinced check out the line up:


Catherine Destivelle

Caroline Ciavaldini

Naomi Buys

Emily Ward

Rebeccca Dent

Jemma Powell

Adela Carter

Sophie Whyte

Molly Thompson-Smith


Lucy Creamer

Katherine Shirrmacher

Hazel Findlay

Suzan Dudink

Belinda Fuller

Ellie Howard

Natalie Berry

Leah Crane

Emma Twyford

Eva Lopez

How much is it?

It has been suggested in the past that the WCS is too expensive.  This is a tricky one, because most of us want climbing to be accessible, but people have to be paid.  Free work doesn’t pay the bills, the rent, the transport for the people who speak at any event.  They are professional women at the top of their chosen sport or area of interest and, as women ourselves, perhaps it’s time to say ‘we value your work’.  The cost of a day with some of the world’s best climbers, coaches and experts in the areas of climbing, nutrition & adventure is just £65 – a full day with amazing, highly qualified, extremely experienced women plus loads of other perks.  We think it is well worth it.

Don’t want to go alone?

If you want to go and you don’t want to go alone, you’re in luck, because Womenclimb are sending a handful of people who you can meet beforehand, so that you know someone and don’t feel like a gooseberry.  To take up this offer, email Emily and we can arrange a meetup: hello@womenclimb.co.uk.

Try before you buy…

Want to get an idea about what it might be like?  Here are some write ups from previous years:

Women’s climbing Symposium

WCS 2013 // Dynamic Climbing

WCS 2013 // Awkward Holds

WCS 2013 // Inspiration

WCS 2013 // Common Injuries

WCS 2013 // Yoga, Physio & Inspiration

2015 women's climbing Symposium

We look forward to seeing you there.

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